Physiotherapy of cases related to injuries, pre and post-operative patients, sports injuries by male and female physiotherapist in Kuwait العلاج الطبيعي للحالات المتعلقة بالإصابات والمرضى قبل وبعد الجراحة والإصابات الرياضية من قبل أخصائي العلاج الطبيعي من الذكور والإناث في الكويت
March 1, 2021

Most injuries related to sport & physical activities can be preventable, says Dr. Mikhail Stepanov

Kuwait, March 2021: Physiotherapists associated with sports medicine need to be razor sharp in their evaluation and management of musculoskeletal health of their patients according to Dr. Mikhail Stepanov, MD, Member of RPTA, ‘Head of Rehabilitation Physiotherapy & Podiatry Unit’ at Berlin Unit of Orthopaedic Surgery, Physiotherapy & Foot Care, Kuwait.

Dr. Mikhail Stepanov, MD, Member of RPTA, Head of Rehabilitation Physiotherapy & Podiatry Unit is a Board-Certified specialist doctor in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation AND Pain Medicine with extensive clinical experiences in the areas of non-surgical musculoskeletal care, sports medicine, dry needling, chiropractic techniques, interventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

“Currently, lack of exercise and physical activities in ‘kids and adults’ is a growing concern here in Kuwait, however, with awareness and public health campaigns, the benefits of physical activities will come at greater risks – there is little understanding amongst the general public about prevention, diagnosis or even the treatment & rehabilitation of injuries that occur during outdoor and sporting activities,” said Dr. Mikhail.

Dr. Mikhail has been involved in academia and research since 1989, beginning his academic career at Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute, moving to St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Pediatrics in 1997 to join Primary Specialization and Physical Medicine. He has also served at St. Petersburg State Medical University of Academician I. P. Pavlov for two years as a specialist doctor for Manual Therapy, ‘Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation’ before joining the Russian Premium League and consequently advancing to take charge of Kuwait National Football Team! Dr. Mikhail’s passion for sport medicine or ‘Sporting Blood’ runs deep in his veins and currently, he is volunteering as an advisor to Radisson Blu Viking Sport Club.

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