Dr. Ashraf Yousef Unit for Orthopaedic Surgery, Physiotherapy & Foot Care

Dr. Ashraf Yousef Unit for Orthopaedic Surgery, Physiotherapy & Foot Care, based at Hawally, Kuwait, is spearheaded by a distinguished orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Ashraf Yousef, MBBCH, MSc, MD, PhD (Russia), MRCPS (Glasgow). It has since become the most prominent medical facility for physiotherapy, foot care and complicated orthopedic conditions and is committed in offering the highest quality of orthopedic, physiotherapy and foot-care possible.

At Dr. Ashraf Yousef unit for Orthopaedic Surgery, Physiotherapy & Foot Care

Our expert healthcare professionals are more than happy to play an active role in your ‘bone & joint’ well-being


Ortho & Trauma

-> Diagnosis and management of most of Orthopaedic and Trauma cases
-> Arthroscopic Knee, Shoulder & other Joints Surgery
-> Repair of Ruptured Tendons around the knee, shoulders, writs and other joints
-> Total Knee / Hip Replacement (Knee / Hip Arthroplasty)
-> Auto and Allograft of Cartilage Injury
-> Knee Ligament (anterior cruciate and collateral) Reconstruction
-> Management of fractures of humerus and shoulder
-> Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
-> Ankle Arthroscopy and Ankle Osteochondral Lesions
-> Trigger Finger Surgery
-> All Orthopaedic and Trauma Day-Case Surgeries.

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Sports Medicine

-> Chronic injuries, sporting & work-related injuries
-> Stem Cell Therapy
-> Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
-> Steroid Injections
-> Prolapsed Disc removal
-> Acute & overuse tendon injuries
-> Acute & chronic back pain
-> Injuries in kids & adolescent children
-> Open Reduction and Fixation of Upper and Lower Limb Fractures
-> Management of acute and chronic back pain, diagnoses and conservative treatment.
-> Sports Medicine and related disorders

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-> Musculoskeletal pain (acute and chronic) therapy
-> Neurologic management of different disorders
-> Orthopaedic pre and post operative Rehabilitation
-> Geriatric and Paediatric therapy
-> Sports injuries management and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
-> Knee, Neck & Shoulder, Hip and Lower-back pain therapy
-> Jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Rehabilitation
-> Foot & ankle pain sprain management
-> Pregnancy related pain management
-> Wrist pain & fracture management

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Foot Care

-> Trigger Finger Surgery
-> Ganglion Cyst Excision
-> Heel Spurs Surgery
-> Ankle Arthroscopy and Ankle Osteochondral Lesions
-> Achilles Tendon Repair
-> Bunion and Hallux Valgus procedures
-> Foot care for skin and nails
-> Gait analysis and custom made orthotics for deferent pathologies.
-> Management of diabetic and neurologic feet problems.
-> Day-Case Surgeries for toe, foot & lower limbs

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Doctor Ashraf’s Daily Schedule

Are you worried about ortho, physio, bone, foot or any kind of related symptoms?

Do you have back, knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, neck and joint pain which is affecting your quality of life and day-to-day activities?

Be seen by a talented and experienced orthopedic surgeon for a session of private consultation at a time to suit your busy schedule at well-established, up-to-date healthcare facility in Kuwait!